Magnesium Spritz (60%)

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Elektra Magnesium Oil 180mL has a refreshing mandarin fragrance this body spray offers potent high concentration magnesium chloride plus botanical ingredients to enhance absorption, avoiding the sticky irritating residue of straight magnesium oil.

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It is not a moisturizer like Elektra Magnesium Cream, however it delivers high concentration magnesium where required to relieve muscle and joint tension. Great for loosening things up! Seven sprays contain approx. 400mg of elemental magnesium.

Great to relieve;

Muscle Cramps -Muscular Spasms -Restless Legs -Tension -Stress -Sore, Tight Muscles

Elektra Magnesium products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. They comprise rich plant oils and butters infused with wild sourced natural magnesium chloride flakes (food grade). Elektra Magnesium products are manufactured in Australia in a TGA accredited facility and to the highest manufacturing standards.

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