Magnesium Charge Lotion (30%) 100ml

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Elektra Charge Magnesium Lotion (30%)

Elektra Magnesium Lotion is great for active people on the go… A hybrid 30% formula* half way between Magnesium Cream and Magnesium Oil Spritz, EM CHARGE Lotion is designed for convenience as an all-in-one moisturizer, massage lotion and magnesium supplement.

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Nutritious plant butters and oils are still prominent in this formula, but less compared to Magnesium Cream. EM CHARGE Lotion is more astringent and suitable for those with skin types that need less fat but more magnesium (teenagers and adults). Texture is silky smooth, light and moisture-attractive thanks to the hyaluronic acid. It is absorbed and incorporated beautifully into the epidermis, plumping it up with hydration and leaving no sticky residue.

Powerful antioxidant Australian botanical extracts of Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum and Quandong add extra cleansing and collagen support. Lemon-scented tea tree gives the lotion a fresh aroma of tangy lemon sorbet whilst adding anti-microbial and antiseptic benefits. Note: If using on face, those with sensitive skin may find it tingles temporarily before full absorption.

If you have shaved prior to application then it can even feel stinging due to broken skin. Best to work it in around damaged skin areas.

One dessertspoon -12g- Charge Lotion delivers approx 550mg elemental magnesium.

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