Is it safe to have a pregnancy massage? By Christine Moy

Absolutely! As long as you find a trained therapist.

At Nectar Day Spa we have been helping pregnant women relax and reduce pain for over 25 years.

I personally have had two high-risk pregnancies, so I spoke to my doctor to make sure he was fine with me having massages. His response was an overwhelming yes so, I was thrilled to have my first pregnancy massage. Laying tummy down on the specially developed pregnancy mattress was the best feeling. I had really missed being able to lay on my tummy.

I experienced a lot of back, sciatic and leg pain during my pregnancies and honestly wouldn’t have coped well without my regular massages.

People often ask if it still safe to have a massage as they approach the end of their pregnancy and the answer is a big yes! The fact is, that the further along you are the safer it is. Baby is fully formed and just waiting to come out into the world and meet their mummy after week 37.

Regular massage has been proven to reduce stress levels, reduce muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint mobility and improve your quality of sleep.

Not sure what to expect?

Well let me assure you that we won’t be massaging your tummy!

Generally, you will start your massage on your tummy while you’re trained therapist massages your back. Uncomfortable laying on your tummy? No problem at all.

Your therapist will be happy to offer you a range of different positions to increase your comfort.

During a 30 minute massage we usually focus on your back, neck and shoulders whereas the one hour massage will also include your legs, feet, arms, hands, face and décolletage.

While your body is busy growing a little human, sometimes you need to take time out for you and improve your well-being.

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