Is sleeping with makeup on bad for my skin? By Nitsa Paddison

I hear you saying, do I really need to remove my makeup EVERY day?

The answer is 'yes’!

Most of us have been guilty of sleeping in our makeup at least once, but continually doing this can lead to unnecessary exposure to free radicals. This can damage skin cells reducing collagen production and lead to premature skin ageing.

We spend a whole lot of money and time trying to apply makeup to look great, but if our canvas isn’t clean and healthy we can’t possibly achieve our best outcome.

Makeup, oil and bacteria all combined together can cause blocked pores, breakouts and make your skin look dull and sallow. Long-term sleeping in makeup can also interfere with the natural exfoliation process of the skin.

Cleansing is vital to great skin and preps your skin for renewal.

No matter how great your serums and moisturiser may be, they simply can’t effectively be absorbed into the skin if you haven't cleansed. Your makeup will act as a barrier reducing absorption and efficacy of your skincare products.

Whilst we sleep our skin repairs and renews itself. This is the time to let your skin regenerate and work with your skincare products. Just like when you wake up feeling refreshed from a good night sleep, you should let your skin feel the same way.

With a few simple steps (including cleansing every day!) you can have great skin and keep yourself looking younger and more youthful.